The Pelican state



From the travels and adventures of the “World’s #1 Trackchaser”





All-Time Favorite Louisiana Track:


Lamar-Dixon Expo Center – Gonzales




Current lifetime trackchasing state rank:  1




Best Memories:


I first went down to Louisiana to trackchase all the way back in 1981. That’s nearly 40 years ago. Since I spent my first week of employment, in 1972, in the French Quarter of New Orleans and had many more meetings there since I was very familiar with the Pelican state. On that first-ever Louisiana trackchasing night at Great Southern, they were racing late models with wings!



It took me twenty years to return to Louisiana for racing. My visit to the Baton Rouge Raceway was delayed by rain. During the rain delay, the fans walked the track. At the Champion Park Speedway (above), I ran into more wet weather, a common thread in this part of the world, only to watch a fiery crash mar the program.



The Lamar-Dixon Expo Center was an excellent indoor facility. The center hosted the first annual Cajun Indoor Kart Nationals. A month later I returned to see racing at the No Problem Raceway Park. Here I ate my first serving of “boudin balls”! In 2011 I ran down to the Bayou to see the first race of the year at the USA Speedway over a very smooth dirt surface. The next night I darkened the door of the Sabine Motor Speedway. The highlight of that trackchasing effort was spending time touring Grambling State University. I also did a “monologue” interview at Sabine? What’s that? It’s when the track announcer simply hands me the microphone and says “tell then about what you do”. I prefer the give and take interview.



I made my first ever visit to the NOLA Motorsports Park in 2012 to see racing on their “long” course. They had a worldwide Ferrari racing group in town. Impressive cars! The Leesville 171 Speedway program of entertainment was hindered by a poor PA system. That will do it. Five years after my first visit to the NOLA Motorsports Park I came back to see racing on their “Indy” course with the NASA road racing organization. NOLA is not a great place for the spectator to see much of the racing.



In 2019 I decided to make an attempt to grab the #1 trackchasing ranking in Louisiana. To pull that off I would need to see racing at four new tracks. I started with the “Pete Cooper” (above). The LA Cross-Country racing organization promotes “woods” UTV racing. Woods racing isn’t too good for the spectator unless that fan has plenty of poison ivy repellant. Then after the off-road racing, I headed up to the Chatham Speedway. It was a cold night and they took forever to get going. Nope. Not very entertaining. About five months later I did the same kind of day/night trackchasing double. I started with an LA Cross-Country race at the NOLA Motorsports Park (my third countable track at that facility) followed by a preliminary night of racing at Thunder Valley Speedway in Glenmora.



To be honest I can’t think of any really good racing programs that I’ve seen in Louisiana. I like the people and I like the food of Louisiana and New Orleans in particular. Nevertheless, I’m still looking for that really good Bayou racetrack.




1 Great Southern Speedway Angie Louisiana United States March 15, 1981 DO
2 Baton Rouge Raceway Baker Louisiana United States March 30, 2001 DO
3 Champion Park Speedway Haughton Louisiana United States September 28, 2007 DO
4 Lamar-Dixon Expo Center Gonzales Louisiana United States November 2, 2007 DO
5 No Problem Raceway Park Belle Rose Louisiana United States December 2, 2007 PRC
6 Ark-La-Tex Speedway Vivian Louisiana United States June 5, 2008 DO
7 Boothill Speedway Shreveport Louisiana United States March 4, 2011 DO
8 USA Speedway Sterlington Louisiana United States March 11, 2011 DO
9 Sabine Motor Speedway Many Louisiana United States March 12, 2011 DO
10 NOLA Motorsports Park – 2.75M Avondale Louisiana United States October 26, 2012 PRC
11 Leesville 171 Speedway Leesville Louisiana United States March 28, 2015 DO
12 NOLA Motorsports Park – 1.8M Avondale Louisiana United States April 1, 2017 PRC
13 The Pete Cooper Sicily Island Louisiana United States March 16, 2019 DRC
14 Chatham Speedway Chatham Louisiana United States March 16, 2019 DO
15 NOLA Motorsports Park – Dirt RC Avondale Louisiana United States August 31, 2019 DRC
16 Thunder Valley Speedway Glenmora Louisiana United States August 31, 2019 DO


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Below is a key to surface types and track configurations so you can understand the above list just a little bit easier.



Surface types:  D-dirt; P-paved; M-mixed


Configuration types:  O-oval; RC-road course; F8-figure 8 track



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