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191 Speedway

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Today’s undertaking was just one of more than 2,000 trips that have taken me up, down and around the long and dusty trackchasing trail. If you would like to see where I’ve been and experience those adventures here’s the link:



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appalachia 3


Appalachia is a very unusual place. It’s pretty much near the junction of Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. I’m not sure if it’s politically correct to say that these folks are “backward” but they are a more different just about anyplace else I visit in United States.



Nevertheless, I must tell you I have never been called “sweetie, honey or darlin'” as much as I have here. No the women who use these words are not trying to hit on a 66-year-old pretty fit man. They’re just friendly. Where were these girls when I was growing up?



At last night’s hotel the Wi-Fi stopped working. I would say the Days Inn is one of the more downscale hotels that I’ve stayed in during this 66-day trip. Nevertheless, I asked for and was granted a 12 noon check out.



I set my alarm this morning for 8:30 a.m. I didn’t want to miss whatever breakfast was being offered by the Days Inn. It was free. I live on a small fixed income as a retiree so why wouldn’t I eat there?



kentucky hotel breakfast


Everything was a serve yourself microwave idea. They were small packages of omelet type eggs with cheese inside as well as sausage biscuits. I used my microwave cooking skills to heat everything up. Along with a piece of wheat toast I had a delicacy I could take back to my room. I still had half of a liter of Diet Mountain Dew to wash down my breakfast delicacies.



With just five or six days remaining on this trip my travel plans are in flux. I’m trying to manage geographical locations with weather patterns and flight opportunities. You’ll have to trust me when I tell you this is a very difficult planning situation for the next few days.



I was thinking I needed a haircut in order to impress those grandbabies down in Austin, Texas. I used Yelp! to find some locations. One barbershop called “Dustin’s” looked attractive. With Dustin’s being located in Saylorsburg it would be a little bit of a drive away my West liberty, Kentucky location.



I took a risk and asked the woman at the front desk of the Days Inn where a good place was to get a men’s haircut. She immediately recommended Dustin’s in West liberty the same town as the Days Inn location. She told me “I take my boys their and it’s good.”



Lucky me. It turned out that Dustin’s barbershop had relocated from Saylorsburg, Kentucky to West liberty when the tornado hit 2-3 years ago. Back in March, 2012 Kentuckians died in that storm. It was the second deadliest early March tornado since records began being kept in 1950. Only the “Candlestick Park” tornado topped it for deadliness. No not Candlestick Park in San Francisco but in Jackson, Mississippi!



I easily found Dustin’s and walked in to the two room shop. One room was more of a gift shop with incense and candles and the like. The other room was the working area where Dustin was cutting hair. I only had to wait about 10 minutes to get my haircut.



dustin's barbershop

Dustin was a young man wearing a Cincinnati Reds baseball hat and shorts. I asked him how long he had been cutting hair. “About 12 or 13 years but not all the same location” he told me.



It’s interesting when I talk to people from this area and ask them where some attraction is located. They immediately attempt to give me road by road instructions on how to get there. I stopped taking directions like that about 10-15 years ago.



I internally roll my eyes when somebody tries to give me directions like this. My GPS will take me there. I won’t have to worry about the ninth part of the 15-part directional explanation some people want to give me. Don’t get me wrong. I show respect when people go out of their way to explain directions. I just hope for it to end quickly.



I know the folks want to be helpful and there’s nothing wrong with that. Once Dustin learned I was a racing fan he immediately started talking about his racing experience in Kentucky. Most of the tracks he had visited no longer exist. I listen closely when people do this. You never know when some new information is going to pop up. I’ve gotten information like this in the past that has aided me in my trackchasing quest.



The good thing about Dustin’s barbering was that he was open to my suggestions. If I wanted my hair cut a little closer here or there or whatever he was more than happy to accommodate.



dustin's barbershop 3

My haircut was $10 and my beard trim three dollars. With tip I paid $15 in total. About a month ago in St. Louis I paid $26 with tip for pretty much the same haircut and trim. I believe this is my third haircut on this 66-day trip. At home I pay just nine dollars for a haircut.



randy driving

With a new haircut and a toothy smile I drove over McDonald’s. I would not only have lunch there but they would have Wi-Fi. I could make plans for the rest of the weekend. Again the ladies in McDonald’s couldn’t do enough for me when they recognized I was both older and not from around here.



Why Butcher Holler?  What the heck was Butcher Holler?  Where was Butcher Holler?

It was at McDonald’s that I made the commitment to drive 80 miles round-trip out of my way to something I had a strong interest in seeing. I’m talking about Butcher Holler, Kentucky. Why Butcher Holler?



butcher holler sign

That’s where Loretta Lynn’s childhood home is located. I would stop at the Webb grocery store in hopes of meeting her 78-year-old brother. If that all worked out he would give me a personal tour of their childhood home.



If none of that plan worked I would at least get to see a little bit more about what this part of the country looks like. I would have plenty of time to get back to my race later tonight. I sensed this was going to be another drawn out racing adventure in soaring heat and humidity.



I had taken an extra good shower today. I needed to make phone call to Minnesota at 5 p.m. After that call I will know what tonight’s accommodations will be. I will either sleep all night in my car and fly from Indianapolis to Minneapolis tomorrow morning or take a more leisurely approach and trackchase in Indiana all day tomorrow. Do you take vacations like this? We’ll see how that goes.



Trackchasing Tourist Attractions are an extremely important aspect of my trackchasing hobby to me. Not sure about that? Check out the Trackchasing Tourist Attractions tab at the bottom of my home page at   You will see some of the hundreds of locations I have taken time to list and visit.  Here’s the link if you want to go there now.


Trackchasing Tourist Attractions 



Often times the track I plan to see in the evening is a 6-8 hour drive from where I wake up. When that happens there is little or no time for a Trackchasing Tourist Attraction.



This morning I woke up in West liberty, Kentucky. Tonight’s race would take place in Campton, Kentucky an hour or less away. I had plenty of time for a TTA. I just needed to find a good one.



The TTA that I really wanted to see was an 80-mile drive out-of-the-way. I didn’t fancy making that drive over Kentucky’s winding two lane roads. However it looked like so much fun that I couldn’t resist.



mcdonalds server

I spending an hour in McDonald’s. I used their free Wi-Fi and munched on McDoubles. I had all of the logistics for the next 24 hours planned out pretty well. I was soon off to Butcher Holler, Kentucky.



coal miner's daughter


Coal Miner’s Daughter

Have you ever heard of Butcher Holler? If you saw the movie Coal Miner’s Daughter in 1981 you know that Butcher Holler played an important part in the lives of Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle and their families.



Folks who are willing to seek out “a holler” will be treated with a fun and interesting hour or two of touring. When I got into the general area I started seeing green and white government signs directing me to “Loretta Lynn’s home place”



Some online research told me exactly how to get the best out of this attraction. First I would need to find “Webb’s Store”. This was an old-time general store owned by the Webb family. Of course “Webb” is the maiden name of Loretta and Crystal and the last name of their six brothers.



webb's grocery

Webb’s Grocery – Butcher Holler, Kentucky

I kept driving and driving along a winding two-lane rural road. I was thinking I had passed Webb’s store. However I had not. It’s soon appeared on the right just as if it was on a movie set from the 1930 depression area.



I strolled in to find a youngish man and his nine-year-old son managing the store. The man was fielding phone calls one after another and answering questions about how to get to the Loretta Lynn homestead.



I felt a little foolish when he finally put down the phone and asked if he could help me. I pretty much knew how to get to Loretta Lynn family homestead after listening to him explain it several times over the phone!



I would simply go down to the rock with “Butcher Holler” painted on it. At the rock I would turn left and then make a right at the “red gate”. This was another couple of miles down into even more rural Kentucky Appalachia landscape.



webb's grocery interiorjpg

Before I left Webb’s store I asked if I could take a few interior pictures. That would be no problem I was told. Don’t miss those.



loretta lynn's home place

“Loretta Lynn’s home place” was built well over 100 years ago. It is still owned by the web family. Today 81-year-old Herman Webb brother of Loretta Lynn takes folks on tours of the house.



I was directed to pay my five dollar tour fee upon entering the small house. When I arrived two ladies, both riding huge Harley Davidson motorcycles that seemed to be five times bigger than they were, were just wrapping up their tour.



herman webb

They left. Now it was just a woman from Kentucky, who was touring by herself and me. We would be entertained by Herman’s stories of how his parents and eight children lived in this small six-room (small rooms) house. There were two bedrooms upstairs. They were off-limits to our tour. The four rooms downstairs were furnished mostly with original furniture from the home.



loretta lynn's home interior

You might imagine it doesn’t take long to walk through four small rooms in a home built more than 100 years ago. Herman, whose birthday was yesterday September 3, was more than happy to answer all of our questions.



Toward the end of our visit Herman sat down on the sofa. We sat down on chairs and talked just as if we had been invited over for Sunday chicken dinner and were waiting for dessert to come rolling out of the kitchen. I asked Herman if Loretta or Crystal had ever been affected by their fame. He told me they never had.



I also asked if they came back to Butcher Holler to visit. Of course they did come down once in a while he told me. Often Loretta Lynn stayed overnight in her bus but sometimes got a hotel up in Paintsville, Kentucky.


randy w herman webb

It was nearing 5 p.m. when the “official” tours were supposed to stop. However I do believe Herman Webb would have sat there with us until it got dark if we had wanted to talk longer.



Most folks gets a kick out of touring different places and seeing unusual things. I enjoy observing the lifestyles of famous people. I like to imagine in situation what it might have been like for a six-year-old Loretta Lynn growing up in a place like a Butcher Holler and later achieving the fame she did. I’ll be able to use my imagination now with what I’ve seen in Butcher Holler. I can just imagine little Loretta Lynn running around the yard now. If you get the chance I highly recommend this informal tour.



Don’t wait too long. Herman isn’t getting any younger and has had some health scares as recently as two months ago with pneumonia. If you see him tell him the big fella from California said hi.



Time to go trackchasing.

Not was off to see some racing at the 191 Speedway near Campton, Kentucky. The track website said that the driver’s meeting would be held at 7 p.m. So when should I arrive?



I knew that the driver’s meeting would probably start a few minutes late. Then they would practice and finally do some time trialing. The weather was rain free. I figured I could show up at 8 p.m. and not miss a thing. I’ve done this long enough to know how it all works.



When I had visited Dustin’s barbershop in West liberty, earlier today, he gave me some very good directions on how to find the track. However coming from Loretta Lynn’s place made Dustin’s directions less helpful.



rural kentucky

Nevertheless the place was called 191 Speedway. It had to be on Highway 191 near Campton, Kentucky right? How hard could it be to find the track? The answer can be explained in one word: hard.  This was rural country.



My GPS systems weren’t very good because the 191 Speedway was not “listed”. I finally resorted to Dustin’s directions when I got in the general area. I still couldn’t find the track. It was getting later. I knew I wasn’t far from the track but I still couldn’t find it.



Finally I stumbled upon a convenient store. It was closed. However two elderly folks (about my age!) were sitting in the parking lot in a pick up truck with their window down. They looked like they could give me directions. I stopped and asked. By the way, despite being a man, I am more than willing to stop and ask for directions.



I told the man I was looking for the 191 Speedway. He pointed down the road in the direction I just come from. “It’s right down that road. I told them I just driven that road and didn’t see a thing.



About that time another car pulled up with a mid-30s woman and her son inside. The occupants of each car seemed to know each other. I think they had planned on meeting in the convenience store parking lot.



city slicker

The older man looked at me as if I was some city slicker who couldn’t find his way around rural Kentucky. I’ve got to admit that man could size up people quickly. However, I maintain I am not a city slicker. I will lay claim to being a suburban slicker.



He told me “Let me pick up this boy, (I assumed it was his grandson), and then I’ll take you past the track. I’m headed down there in that direction anyway”. That sounded like a good idea. Believe it or not this was not the first time I’ve had to follow someone after I have asked them for directions.



racing minivan

The man was driving a minivan. I was in the aforementioned hopped up National Car Rental Racing Hyundai Sonata. Off we went with the man driving the minivan speeding along these winding two-land road at a rate of speed much faster than I would have driven. Nevertheless I didn’t want to appear to be a wuss and tried to keep up the best I could.



191 Speedway sign

In about 10 miles we passed the intersection where I had entered this highway. We came across a billboard sign for the 191 Speedway. The folks that I was following gesturing that this was the place. I gestured back and thanked them for their help. Off they went at a high rate of speed. I entered what would become a major dustbowl within Kentucky’s Appalachian hills.








191 speedway fans

191 Speedway – Campton, Kentucky


When I reached the ticket booth the sign told me tonight’s general admission prices were $12. However tonight’s racing was a special event paying $4,000 to the super late model winner. That situation would boost admission prices to $15 tonight. That’s still wasn’t bad for a race paying that much.



Tonight’s track was somewhat similar to the 201 Speedway that I had visited last night. It was surrounded by steep hills that offered terrace parking. Race fans could park their cars high above the track and watch from the interior of the vehicles. Some brought lawn chairs just for this situation.



When I fly on airplanes I can’t take lawn chairs. I wish I could. When Carol and I visited Australia to trackchase we found a Wal-Mart type store. We bought two lawn chairs. In Australia they rarely have formal grandstands. Fans almost always sit in the chairs they brought to the track. That worked out really well down under. When it was time to return home we gave the chairs to some other fans.



191 Speedway from tier parking

I drove my car to the top tier on the backstretch side of the track. However the track itself was located so close to the bottom of the vertical wall that from that viewing point I wouldn’t be able to see the cars racing. I certainly wasn’t going to watch a 12-second lap where for five or six seconds I couldn’t see the cars. I moved my car down one tier.



There I found a place to park. There were a few small wooden grandstands and some picnic tables where I could sit. I spent some of my time in the grandstand down toward turn two and some near the rustic concession stand down toward turn three.



I had arrived at 7:50 p.m. I was correct in assuming they would not have any racing up to that point. They were still practicing and with time trials coming up for the late models and modifieds.



I know a lot of you do not follow the specifics of short track auto racing all that closely. I would guess that most racing programs begin between 7-8 p.m. That’s when actual racing happens not hot lapping, practicing, time traveling or packing the track. They are actually racing sometime between 7-8 p.m.



Tonight’s first race that did not begin until 9:49 p.m. The south does have a well-deserved reputation for starting late. Nobody seems in a big rush around here most of the time. That could be especially treacherous if bad weather was in the area. Tonight, it was not.



191 concession stand

I had already downed a track cheeseburger and a 20 ounce bottle of Diet Mountain Dew for $5.50. Then later I grabbed a flyswatter and tried to help the concession crew kill some wasps. I had a perfect aim on one and missed.



The first race of the night was for the six fastest qualifiers called the “Dash for cash”. This 12-lap race paid $,1200 to win. That’s a great payout for that type of an event.



black jack boggs

The only “name” driver in the field tonight was a fellow by the name of Jackie Boggs. Jackie is the son of Jack “Blackjack “Boggs (pictured above) a well-known World 100 late-model winner. As something that might not come as a complete surprise “Blackjack” jacket was murdered by gun for what is rumored to be sleeping with another man’s wife. I think that result is proper punishment for the offense.



Jackie Boggs started on the front row of the dash. The green flag dropped and Jackie didn’t get a very good start. So he pulled to the top of the turn and stopped his car. This was his way of saying I didn’t like how this thing started out. So I want to do the start all over again.



There was nothing wrong with Mr. Boggs start. He was simply allowed to call a “do over” after he missed his first free-throw. The track didn’t seem to have any problem with that. They restarted the race with Jackie getting his front row starting spot. Who do you think won? If you answered “Jackie Boggs” then you’re thinking along the same lines as I am.



san clemente sunset

By around 11 p.m., after I had been at the track for more than three hours, they had finally finished up all of the heat racing. The track then went to intermission. The heat races would be followed by the feature races.  About that time Carol texted me a photo of the sunset just off our back “porch”.  It wasn’t much like where I was at tonight.



I had no idea how long intermission was going to last. However the guesses that came to my mind were not promising. I had a two and ½ hour drive up to my hotel near Louisville following tonight’s racing.



There were five or six classes on the card tonight. I had no idea when the 40-lap $4,000 to win super late model race would happen in the program.



The PA system wasn’t the best. I had to stand right underneath the speaker in order to hear what might be happening next. Fortunately I happened to be under a speaker on my way out of the track when I heard the announcer tell the crowd the late-model feature would be the first event after intermission.



keep walking

My intuitive nature told me “Keep walking Randy, keep walking. If you leave now you still won’t get to your hotel until past 1 a.m. Keep walking.”



I don’t always follow my intuitive nature. Usually I regret it when I don’t. I decided to stay. Here’s the semi horror story that followed.



Just before the feature race was to begin they play the national anthem. Folks it was 11:45 p.m. We were all standing for the national anthem. That is beyond absurd.



I noticed that there were several people NOT standing for the national anthem. In America everyone stands when the anthem is played. Men remove their hats and most folks place there right hand across their heart. Sorry, that’s just how we do it.



I wondered about the people not standing. Yes some where elderly and some were grossly overweight but it looked to me like they could have stood for the anthem. I asked a young fellow sitting close to me what was up. He told me he didn’t know what the problem was. I suspected it might have something to do with the Civil War but that’s just a guess.



It was nice talking to the 25-30-year-old man who answered my question about the national anthem. He was a local fan. He knew a good deal about this track and a few others nearby. He even gave me a tip on a new car track that I might be able to visit someday in my quest to become the number one trackchaser in Kentucky. I gave him my business card as is my practice when I meet folks at the racetrack.



The aforementioned Jackie Boggs was starting on the front row pole of the feature event. It didn’t take a rocket scientist or even a dirt track racing fan much effort to predict that Mr. Boggs would be $4,000 richer pretty soon.



It turned out to be a point of fact that Mr. Boggs would increase his net worth by $4,000. It just didn’t happen very SOON.



There were five or six restarts during the first five laps or so. That’s a lot. The 15 starters kept sliding into each other and spinning out causing the yellow caution flag to fly.



191 speedway dust pit

Although the dirt track appeared to be tacky when they “ran it in” during intermission it quickly turned to dust. When the most powerful cars of the night, the super late models, started racing it was a dust pit.



I had conveniently left my racing goggles back in the car. However, I had my new $900 ophthalmologist endorsed glasses on. They did a pretty good job but I have no idea why I didn’t go back to the car and get my goggles, which are also “readers”.



I was texting video clips to my good friend Chris Kearns. He promotes races out in Arizona. If you’ve never been to the Winter Nationals I highly recommend you get over there this coming season for the races in Tucson, Arizona.



Chris, along with everyone else within 10 miles of the 191 Speedway, was correctly predicting that Jackie Boggs would win the feature. I had never heard of any of the guys he was racing. Chris couldn’t believe they started the national anthem at nearly midnight. He suggested this was not a track he would come to visit anytime soon.



For the last half of the race I moved down toward turn three in hopes of avoiding the dust. No luck there either. This entire miserable effort was concluded at nearly 1 a.m. Mind you all of the other classes still had their feature events yet to run.






I should have left at 11 p.m. I didn’t leave until 1 p.m. That put me into my Baymont Hotel and Suites property up by Louisville at 3:30 p.m.



Let’s think about this for a moment. It was 1 a.m. I was driving down a bumpy rutted dirt road from high above the 191 Speedway looking for the exit. There was a long line of traffic leaving the track at this point. I’m fairly certain they felt the same way about tonight’s racing program that I did.



I had read that in the past the promoter of the 191 Speedway was killed at “the track’s entrance” about five years ago. The young man I conversed with tonight put some more words and explanations around what happened there.



Apparently the promoter was at the entrance to his track during a Fourth of July event some five or six years ago. He was helping to direct traffic out of the speedway after the races in the dark. A spectator didn’t see him, ran into him and killed the man. You just never know when it’s going to be your time to check out of the worldwide Hilton.



no service

I had a similar situation of confusion as I left the 191 Speedway. My trusty iPhone GPS system was not working tonight at the track because I was in a “no service” AT&T cell area. That doesn’t happen very often.



That’s why I carry my Garman GPS with me as a back up. At one time I thought the Garman was the toast of the town but the iPhone GPS system beats it by miles. It takes the Garmin some time to connect with satellites. My iPhone does it almost instantly.



Tonight, for whatever reason, the Garmin was not connecting to the satellites. That meant with my iPhone in a no service area and my Garmin unit not being able to connect with a satellite I was driving blind. I could only head on down the road and hope I was driving toward Louisville, Kentucky. Finally after about 15 minutes my Garmin grabbed a satellite. Then about 2 1/2 hours later I was pulling into the Louisville hotel.



At 3:30 a.m. I was hoping the check in process would go smoothly. Of course because I am mentioning that you know that didn’t happen. A somewhat bored young woman managing the front desk took her own sweet time.



I had called ahead to confirm they could accept my coming in at 3:30 a.m. Part of that call was to confirm I would get a non-smoking room. The woman finally gave me the keys to room 131. It was down at the very end of the hall. It was the longest walk I could get from the front desk.



smoke filled room

When I entered the room I immediately knew this was a smoking room despite the sign that said it was not. Maybe tonight it was a non-smoking room but last night it must have held a cigar smoker’s convention.



From room 131 I phoned the front desk. I explained that I was given a smoking room. The clerk insisted that this was a non-smoking room. I disputed that claim and demanded another room. She seemed put out by the request but asked that I return to the front desk. Trudge. Trudge. Trudge. It was past 3:30 a.m. for gosh sakes.



I find two different kinds of “young” people in the age range of 20-30. Some are most respectful of people of like myself. If given the opportunity they will open the door, use the word “sir”, etc.



The other “general” class of young person I find is the person who seems to act as if they are being put out by serving you even though that’s the job they signed on for. They seem to act like they know it all and discount anything a person of age might offer up. That was the case with the woman at the hotel desk tonight.



She seemed adamant that room 131 was a non-smoking room. I have stayed in more than 5,000 hotel rooms in my lifetime. I am not a smoker. I have never smoked a single cigarette in my life. However I have been in rooms with smokers.



When I began my business career I was often in smallish meeting rooms with five or six people. At those meeting half the people in the room were smoking two packs a day. If I ever get lung cancer I’m pretty sure it will come from those experiences. Based upon this background I explained that I have a pretty good ability to determine a smoking and non-smoking hotel room when I smell one.



I asked the hotel clerk if she had smelled room 131? She admitted she had not. I invited her, at her convenience, but not right now to go down and check out room 131. She didn’t seem interested in my offer.



Soon she was giving me the keys to another room, room 129. Room 129 was right next to room 131. If room 131 was the longest possible walk from the front desk then room 129 would have been the SECOND longest walk from the front desk.



choking neck


I was wondering if it would have been a good idea to jump across the check-in desk, grab the hotel clerk by the nap of her bulging neck and squeeze it until our eyeballs popped out of her head? Probably. However it was 3:30 a.m. I needed to get some sleep. She would live another day.



The above diatribe from the beginning of the racing at 191 Speedway up until now sounds like it wasn’t a very fun night. However it could have been worse. As a church sign I saw earlier in the trip read, “Don’t worry about what you’ve lost be glad for what you have.”



If a Minnesota track promoter have been able to scare up just two winged karts I would have been sleeping in my car tonight after the dustbowl experience at the 191 Speedway. When the Minnesota trackchasing opportunity fell through that freed up an opportunity to actually get TWO tracks in Indiana tomorrow. This plan would also allow me to stay in a hotel room for the evening even thought I checked in at 3:30 a.m. Now that I was trackchasing in Indiana tomorrow I wouldn’t have to leave the hotel until 11:30 a.m. However I couldn’t be late. I had lots of logistical activities to handle tomorrow in what would be 95-100° heat.



Good night. No. Good morning.




kentucky state sign




The Bluegrass state

This evening I saw my 40th lifetime track in the Bluegrass state, yes the Bluegrass state. I have seen 40 or more tracks in 16 different states.






Thanks for reading about my trackchasing,


Randy Lewis

World’s #1 Trackchaser

Peoria Old Timers Racing Club (P.O.R.C.) Hall of Fame Member

Kentucky definition: Betty: Others may think it’s a name of a relative, but in actuality in Kentucky it’s a tasty dessert called a, Brown Betty.









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O’Hare International Airport – trip begins

London, KY

Indianapolis International Airport – trip ends – 766 miles



Indianapolis International Airport – trip begins

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Indianapolis International Airport – trip ends – 603 miles



Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport – trip begins

Aitken, MN

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Campton, KY






Laurel County Fairgrounds – $10 (not a trackchasing expense)

Trimble County Recreational Facility – $10

Aitken County Fairgrounds (oval) – complimentary admission

Aitken County Fairgrounds (RC) – $8

ALH Motor Speedway – complimentary admission

LaGrange County Fairgrounds – $10

Delaware County Fairgrounds – $10

Mahaska County Fairgrounds – $5

Sandstone – $15 (include pits)

HBR Raceway – $10 (included pits)

Ionia Free Fair – $13

Ripley County Fairgrounds – complimentary admission

Hemlock County Fairgrounds – complimentary admission

Christian County Fairgrounds – $8

Isanti County Fairgrounds – $12

Kanabec County Fairgrounds – $10

Champaign County Fairgrounds – $6

Dirty Turtle Off-Road Park – complimentary admission

Owenton County Fairgrounds – $10

Plymouth County Fairgrounds – complimentary admission

Belleville High Banks – $20

Lake County Fairgrounds – $8

Staunton MX – $15

Oldham County Fairgrounds – $10

Lake County Fairgrounds – $10

Buffalo Chip – $20

Berkeley County Youth Fairgrounds – $10

Tazewell County Fair Speedway – $10

Providence Raceway – $10

Wall Stadium Speedway – no charge

Clarke County Fairgrounds – $7

Hartford County Fairgrounds – $7

Rooks County Speedway – $10

JSI Off-Road Park – No charge

St. Francois County Raceway – $5

Carlton County Fairgrounds – $15

Western Speedway – $5 Canadian (about four bucks U.S.)

Multi-Purpose Arena @ Illinois State Fairgrounds

Lonetree Creek Race Park – Complimentary admission

Russellville Lion’s Club – $8

Put-in-Bay Airport – no charge

Chippewa County Fairgrounds – $12

201 Speedway – $20

191 Speedway – $15




The three most important trackchasing comparisons to me are:


Total lifetime tracks seen

Total “trackchasing countries” seen

Lifetime National Geographic Diversity results




Total Lifetime Tracks

There are no trackchasers currently within 500 tracks of my lifetime total. Don’t blame me.


  1. Randy Lewis, San Clemente, California – 2,160



world map 493

Total Trackchasing Countries

There are no trackchasers currently within 10 countries of my lifetime total.


  1. Randy Lewis, San Clemente, California – 70




Current lifetime National Geographic Diversity results


  1. Randy Lewis, San Clemente, California – 4.88




That’s all folks! Official end of the RLR – Randy Lewis Racing Trackchaser Report





Click on the link below to see the “Video Plus” production from the super late model racing at the 191 Speedway.






A picture is worth more than 900 words.

That’s right. Click on the link below for a photo album from today’s trackchasing day.  Double click on a photo to begin the slide show or watch the photos at your own pace.  Hover over a photo to read the caption.



191 Speedway from tier parking


Touring Loretta Lynn’s childhood home plus racing from the 191 Speedway





















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