Goals 2


Editor’s note:  I see some fellow competitors referring to their goal achievement against goals that were never publicly stated.  It’s pretty easy to list your results and THEN AFTER THE FACT say you met your goal without ever having mentioned you even HAD a goal.  Oh, my.


The challenge of setting aggressive goals and then working hard to meet them lies in the dissemination of the goals in advance.  Set some goals.  Tell folks who might care what those goals are.  Then monitor your results.

I have used goal setting all my life to help me focus on the things I wanted to accomplish.  Goal-setting helped me retire at a young age.  In business we had a saying, “You get what you measure”.  That simply meant that if you focused on something you were much more likely to achieve the results you were looking for.  Setting goals in trackchasing has encouraged me to focus on the things within my hobby that I wanted to accomplish.  That varied from seeing racing in all 50 states to gaining in the National Geographic Diversity rankings and much more.  In my opinion setting goals is critical to success in just about anything you do.


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