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Classic Remise – Dusseldorf, Germany


My hobby of trackchasing takes me all over the world.  The purpose of my trips is to see auto racing at one more track wherever that might be.  However, I frequently have some time between track visits.  When I do I’m always on the lookout for Halls of Fame or Museums.    



There is so much to see and learn about from the stars of whatever endeavor a Hall of Fame might feature.  Of course, museums are great too.  I particularly like antique car museums.  When I go to these places I take photos….lots of photos.  Why?  Actually there are two reasons.  First, when I’m in the “home” and every day is a new day I can go to my website and take a “tour” of some very interesting places.  Secondly, and just as important, is for the benefit of my readers.  Not everyone has the time or wherewithal to visit all of these places.  From the comfort of your own special place you can see just about everything I saw.  I hope you like that!  So without further adieu I will share with you some of my favorite visits to halls of fame and museums.





National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame – Union

NDLMHoFDarrell Dake induction




Peoria Oldtimers Racing Club Hall of Fame – Peoria

Peoria Oldtimers Racing Club HoFMy 2012 induction!




Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame – New Castle



A favorite….I’ve been there more than once



National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum – Knoxville

National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum






Nethercutt Museum – Sylmar

A fantastic and somewhat hidden antique car collection




Tampa Bay Automobile Museum 

One of the more unusual vintage car collections I’ve seen




Classic Remise – Dusseldorf

Classic RemiseOne of the best




Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum – Auburn

Auburn Cord Duisenberg Automobile Museum




Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum – Baltimore

Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum




Museum of American Speed – Lincoln 

Museum of American Speed




Bill Richardson Truck Museum – Queenstown 

A fantastic truck museum




Shelby Museum  – Las Vegas

Shelby MuseumCarroll Shelby Mustangs




National Civil War Museum – Harrisburg

National Civil War Museum






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