2006-2010…the big years

    2006 – 147 tracks    992 Watermelon Capital Speedway Cordele Georgia United States January 14, 2006 PO 993 Cross Roads Motorplex Jasper Florida United States January 15, 2006 PO 994 Norfolk Scope Arena Norfolk Virginia United States January 20, 2006 INDOOR-PO 995 Qualcomm Stadium Mission Valley California United States January 21, 2006 DO 996 Forster Livestock Pavilion Salem…

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2011 – Present…will it never end?

    2011 – 113 tracks   1613 Senator Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center Williamston North Carolina United States January 7, 2011 INDOOR-DO 1614 Richmond Coliseum Richmond Virginia United States January 8, 2011 INDOOR-PO     1615 Puffers Pond Ice Track Vernon Vermont United States January 9, 2011 ICE-O 1616 Puffers Pond Ice Track Vernon Vermont United States January 9,…

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2011 Annual Report

Happy New Year to my trackchasing friends!     Every year since 2001 I’ve been publishing my “Trackchasing Annual Report”.  This gives me a chance to thank all of the people who helped me out during the year. There were lots of folks who provided support.       You’ll read about the great places I visited and the very…

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2012 – Annual Report

Greetings from San Clemente, California And the travels and adventures of the “World’s #1 Trackchaser” 2012 Trackchasing Annual Report [WPP][/WPP] Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

2013 Annual Report

  My 2013 trackchasing season is history now.  It was another good year of trackchasing both in the U.S. and all over the world.     Major Highlights of 2013 – There are always some “big” things that happen in each year of my trackchasing.  From a quantitative and qualitative point of view here are some of them.    …

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2014 Annual Report

  It’s been another fun and productive trackchasing season from out west. I’ll take a moment to post my once a year message detailing how things went. For the most part I will stick to just the facts, although I’ll throw in a couple of opinions as well. No one can dispute the facts. Everyone can have a different opinion….

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2015 Annual Report

  Every year since 2001 I’ve been publishing my “Trackchasing Annual Report”. Yes, this marks my 15th year since the very first annual report was published.     I’m going to tell you about my 2015 trackchasing season. I will keep it simple. This is a true story. I was there. Yes, I was there for every mile on the…

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2018 Trackchasing Goals – 3rd Quarter Update

    2018 Trackchasing Goals     Editor’s note:  You will find my latest goal results printed in RED below as they are posted at the end of each quarter.  The goals themselves appear in BLUE.     Having goals in life is important. It doesn’t take much effort to set a few goals.  However, there are some aspects of goal setting that ought to…

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Abilene Speedway

Greetings from Abilene, Texas     From the travels and adventures of the  “World’s #1 Trackchaser” . .  Abilene Speedway – Dirt Oval Lifetime Track #970         Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

April Fool

Fact or fiction on April Fool’s Day? . . From the travels and adventures of the “World’s #1 Trackchaser”         Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email