The Old Dominion State



From the travels and adventures of the “World’s #1 Trackchaser”





All-Time Favorite Virginia Track:


Martinsville Speedway – Martinsville




Current lifetime trackchasing state rank: 7




Best Memories:



I often say that “People vote with their feet”. It really doesn’t matter what people TELL you they will do it matters what they REALLY do. That’s how I know that the Martinsville Speedway is my favorite track in Virginia. Even though I live nearly 3,000 miles from the track I’ve seen nearly ten races at Martinsville. With free parking, tickets for $20 or often less, two-dollar “Martinsville” hot dogs and cheap Virginia gas how could I NOT show up in Martinsville frequently?



The Capital City Speedway is an excellent little go-kart track with huge fields. The new Dominion Raceway is a mini-Irwindale and that’s a compliment. The Franklin County Speedway was an old-time asphalt track that I had never heard of but had been doing its thing for years and years. I first met Mike Knappenberger at the Hampton Coliseum. It took a while but I finally talked him into submitting his track list. I tried to get to the King George Speedway for their senior champ kart racing for years and when I did I met the famous track announcer Steve Minson.



The Motor Mile Speedway was a mini-Bristol. My buddy George Robertson joined me at the Oak Level Speedway not too far from where he grew up. The Providence Raceway attracted 209 entries during my visit. I was at the Richmond Raceway (pictured with my stepfather Bill Virt and Jim Sabo) for the first-ever sold-out night race. One of the most down-home announcers entertained us all at the Rolling Thunder Speedway. The brand new Shenandoah Speedway offered automatic flush toilets…that was a long way from my experience at both the Lincoln Speedway and Lernerville Speedway in Pennsylvania.



I met and talked with Fox Sports announcer Mike Joy (above left…I’ve also met DW and Larry Mac) at the Virginia Motor Speedway. The Wythe Raceway was built down in a bowl-like Beckley and had one of the very steepest pitched grandstands like Butler in Michigan. I’ve seen some very decent asphalt oval racing and figure 8 racing in Virginia. The Virginia International Raceway is really nice too.



Martinsville Speedway Martinsville Virginia United States April 26, 1986 PO
Richmond International Raceway  Richmond Virginia United States September 6, 1991 PO
South Boston Speedway South Boston Virginia United States April 13, 2002 PO
Virginia International Raceway – North Alton Virginia United States April 26, 2003 PRC
Oak Level Raceway Oak Level Virginia United States April 27, 2003 DO
Winchester Speedway Winchester Virginia United States October 2, 2004 DO
Hampton Coliseum Hampton Virginia United States December 3, 2005 INDOOR-PO
Norfolk Scope Arena Norfolk Virginia United States January 20, 2006 INDOOR-PO
Southside Speedway Midlothian Virginia United States April 28, 2006 PO
Motor Mile Speedway Radford Virginia United States April 29, 2006 PO
Wythe Raceway Rural Retreat Virginia United States April 29, 2006 DO
Old Dominion Speedway  Manassas Virginia United States April 30, 2006 INNER-PO
Shenandoah Speedway Shenandoah Virginia United States May 4, 2006 PO
Virginia Motor Speedway Saluda Virginia United States May 1, 2008 DO
Natural Bridge Speedway Natural Bridge Virginia United States May 2, 2008 DO
Richmond Coliseum Richmond Virginia United States January 8, 2011 INDOOR-PO
Capital City Speedway Ashland Virginia United States November 17, 2012 DO
Franklin County Speedway Callaway Virginia United States April 27, 2014 PO
Eastside Speedway Waynesboro Virginia United States August 29, 2014 DO
Langley Speedway Hampton Virginia United States August 30, 2014 PO
Virginia International Raceway – South Alton Virginia United States December 7, 2014 PRC
Lonesome Pine Raceway Coeburn Virginia United States April 17, 2015 PO
Tazewell County Fair Speedway Tazewell Virginia United States August 7, 2015 DF8
Providence Raceway Henry Virginia United States August 8, 2015 DO
Clarke County Fairgrounds Berryville Virginia United States August 11, 2015 DF8
Rolling Thunder Raceway Ararat Virginia United States April 29, 2016 DO
Dominion Raceway Thornburg Virginia United States September 8, 2016 PO
King George Speedway King George Virginia United States January 15, 2017 PO
Dominion Raceway Thornburg Virginia United States April 30, 2017 PRC
State Fairgrounds of Virginia at the Meadow – Thrill Pit Doswell Virginia United States October 7, 2018 DF8



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Below is a key to surface types and track configurations so you can understand the above list just a little bit easier.



Surface types:  D-dirt; P-paved; M-mixed


Configuration types:  O-oval; RC-road course; F8-figure 8 track



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