The Equality State



From the travels and adventures of the “World’s #1 Trackchaser”





All-Time Favorite Wyoming Track:


Interstate Speedway – Sheridan




Current lifetime trackchasing state rank: 1





Best Memories:


The Interstate Speedway in Sheridan was my 16th career lifetime track to see. I was out in Wyoming visiting my girlfriend at the time. What do I remember about that track visit from about 1970? It was dusty. I sat in the fourth turn. By the time the cars reached the start/finish line, they had disappeared in the dust.



Most tracks in Wyoming are in very rural settings. I liked the Big Country Speedway asphalt set up. The figure 8 race in Jackson, Wyoming was unique with their “LeMans” type run to your car start (above). It was almost like stealing to be able to go to the Park County Fairgrounds and pick up two countable tracks. Finally, getting to go to Wyoming during the cold weather season and see an indoor race was a luxury.



Oh, one more thing. That girlfriend in Wyoming back in 1970? Whatever happened to her? I married her! That girlfriend is now “Trackchasing’s First Mother” and the “World’s #3 Trackchaser”. Who could have figured?



1 Interstate Speedway Sheridan Wyoming United States Pre-1980 DO
2 Sweetwater Speedway Rock Springs Wyoming United States August 18, 1998 DO
3 Casper Speedway Casper Wyoming United States May 19, 2000 DO
4 Big County Speedway Cheyenne Wyoming United States May 20, 2000 PO
5 Ripple Ridge Raceway Rawlins Wyoming United States July 8, 2005 DO
6 Sheridan Speedway Sheridan Wyoming United States July 10, 2005 DO
7 Teton County Fairgrounds  Jackson Wyoming United States July 26, 2007 DF8
8 Sweetwater Events Complex  Rock Springs Wyoming United States July 31, 2007 DF8
9 Gillette Thunder Speedway Gillette Wyoming United States May 17, 2008 DO
10 Valentine Speedway Glenrock Wyoming United States May 17, 2008 DO
11 Newcastle Speedway Newcastle Wyoming United States June 28, 2008 DO
12 Park County Fairgrounds Powell Wyoming United States July 24, 2014 TEMPORARY-DRC
13 Park County Fairgrounds Powell Wyoming United States July 25, 2014 DF8
14 The Arena at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds Casper Wyoming United States March 3, 2017 DO



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Below is a key to surface types and track configurations so you can understand the above list just a little bit easier.



Surface types:  D-dirt; P-paved; M-mixed


Configuration types:  O-oval; RC-road course; F8-figure 8 track



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