The Aloha State




From the travels and adventures of the “World’s #1 Trackchaser”





All-Time Favorite Hawaii Track:


Paradise Speedway – Puunene




Current lifetime trackchasing state rank: 1




Best Memories:


Carol and I have been to Hawaii more than 50 times. The first time I ever went there to see a race was in the early 80s. The big island of Oahu had a hurricane earlier in the week. The Hawaii Raceway Park’s electricity was still out from the storm. That was my very first cancellation due to a hurricane! I still have photos with the track promoter (above) and I standing in the weeds next to disabled race cars on a beautiful sunny day at the track. However, I would come back in 1984 to see my first ever race in the Aloha state.



Seventeen years later we were in the stands for our first race on the island of Maui. We’ve had 2-3 weeks of timeshare ownership in addition to owning three condos on Maui over a period of 30 years. The Paradise Speedway normally only raced once a month so tying it into our vacation visits was random. Yes, the Paradise Speedway was a dust and bug pit at times but it was my favorite track in the state.



Later, in 2014, we returned to the Big Island for racing at the short-lived Kaleiloa Raceway Park. We went there expecting to see racing on their oval and road course. Instead, they ran on the oval and a figure 8 track! Didn’t matter to us. Carol was seeing her 400th track that day!



Hawaii Raceway Park  Kapolei Hawaii United States August 18, 1984 DO
Hawaii Raceway Park  Kapolei Hawaii United States November 4, 2001 PRC
Paradise Speedway Puunene Hawaii United States November 11, 2001 DO
Big Island Circle Track Hilo Hawaii United States October 11, 2008 DO
Kaleiloa Raceway Park Barber’s Point Housing Hawaii United States December 9, 2012 DO
Kalealoa Raceway Park Barber’s Point Housing Hawaii United States April 13, 2014 DF8



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Below is a key to surface types and track configurations so you can understand the above list just a little bit easier.



Surface types:  D-dirt; P-paved; M-mixed


Configuration types:  O-oval; RC-road course; F8-figure 8 track




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