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Greetings from Abilene, Texas



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Abilene Speedway – Dirt Oval

Lifetime Track #970



The overviewAbilene Speedway

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Back in 2005 I saw more tracks in one year than anyone had up to that time or ever since.  182 tracks!  You’ve got to ‘keep on truckin’ to see 182 tracks for the first time in a single year.




In October, 2005 I saw a ‘day/night’ trackchasing double.  In the afternoon I visited the Abilene Speedway, lifetime track #970.  Then in the evening I made it on down to the Red River Speedway.  That’s a trackchasing double.  The asphalt version of the Red River Speedway was my 971st lifetime track.  A highlight of my visit to Red River in 2005 was spending the night with Wisconsin trackchaser Ed Esser.  Somewhat unbelievably this was the 12th time during the year that Ed and I had seen each other at one track or another.  All of those meetings were unplanned.  By the way, Ed was attempting to win the “Cheese Challenge” a very special contest set up just for him.  You can read all about it behind the “Asphalt track” tab.













Yesterday’s report included the following statement, “By the way, I was talking to a reader just the other day who said he reads the Trackchaser Report just to see if I’m offering a prize to people who have read this far. Today, I am. The first two people to respond to me via email will win a $5 gift certificate to a surprise location. Good luck!”



New and old readers alike should know that from time to time I have contests and rewards for loyal (and thorough) Trackchaser Report readers. Although I promised to reward two people I will actually being giving prizes to three people. All three winners replied within three hours of my sending out the reports.



Because there is such a large volume of Trackchaser Report subscribers, Yahoo requires that I send out the Trackchaser Report in batches. Therefore, some folks actually receive the news a few minutes ahead or behind of everyone else. Here are the results and winners:



Kristy L., Los Angeles, California (report sent 5:21 p.m., reply received 5:24 p.m.) In the spirit of full disclosure, I must identify “Kristy L.” as my daughter. You will see she actually received her copy of the TR later than the other two winners did. I have absolutely no idea how she got the message and read that far in just three minutes. Maybe having the ability to speed read is how she became an attorney. Carol thinks she has her secretary reading the Trackchaser Report for her. Here is what Kristy has to say in her defense, “And…just to set the record straight, mom’s theory about my secretary reading my emails for me is unfounded. I really enjoy these reports!” Editor’s note: If you cannot have your own daughter on your side, you had better give it up.


With Andy Ritter (center) and my brother Mark

With Andy Ritter (center) and my brother Mark


Andy R. of Somewhere in, Pennsylvania (report sent 5:19 p.m., reply received 5:35 p.m.) Andy recommends in his note back to me that I take in the Branch Dividian compound the next time I am in Waco. I did check out Waco for this trip, but it was in the wrong direction. I am planning another trip to Texas this year and maybe I can include Waco then.



Jim S. of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (report sent 5:20 p.m., reply received 8:15 p.m.) was more succinct with this comment, “Send me my $5.00.” He also gave me some good tips on Southwest Airlines boarding passes.



Therefore, I am proud to reward these three early birds with a $5 gift certificate from my newest associate sponsor, Wal-Mart. You have probably heard of them. Wal-Mart’s success mirrors my own in trackchasing. They started their business in a faraway place (Arkansas) and no one really knew anything about them for a long time. Soon they began to grow and rise in the mass merchandiser standings. Today, they are the gorilla of retailing in the U.S. and many other parts of the world. They are the model of efficiency and common sense and a great business model to emulate. Congratulations to all contest winners. Your prize is being mailed this afternoon (Andy, I will need an address from you).




Kindred P. of Clearwater, Florida gives the rather harsh, although possibly accurate, analysis of Pac-10 football, “For the record Pac 10 football is not comprable to Eastern football. The condoms almost lost one of our most mediocre teams– if Bcs gives them VaTech the result will be quite different.”



Mike K. of Reading, Pennsylvania writes the following after reading about my visit to the JFK assassination site, “Randy, Another great report. Sometimes I think I learn more about history in your reports then I did many years ago in school. I think I am more interested also because your reports are associated with racing.” 


abilne speedway racing


The weather was perfect for my three day, five-track trip to Texas and Oklahoma. Incredibly, I have now been to 87 consecutive days of trackchasing without a rainout. During that time, I have seen 131 new tracks. Somehow, I have a bad weather feeling about our trip to North Carolina next weekend.



I am not doing as well as I would like with the balance between my golf and my trackchasing. To date, I have seen 162 new tracks (171 total tracks) and played only 37 rounds of golf in 2005. I would like to see those numbers be about the same in any given year. My golf is understated a little since I could not play in January or February due to shoulder surgery.



During my last several golf rounds, I have scored in the 78-85 range. That is 3-4 shots higher than what I consider normal. I attribute my spotty play to not being able to put more time into my golf. On the other hand, I congratulate my fellow golfing competitors. They are willing to put the time and effort into the game and people of my ability are beating me. I can either give up or put more effort into golf. I intend to do the latter and hope to again be competitive in the not too distant future.



I was shocked to see that gas cost “only” $2.39 per gallon in Oklahoma last night. A year ago, I might not have made that comment. Driving just 868 miles to get five new tracks was great! Overall, this was a perfect trip with a good track count and ideal weather as we approach the seasonal end of the trackchasing season.




Although the Angels went down in flames and Carol was there to watch it all, that was probably for the best. Why would I say that? Today’s track conditions were exactly what Carol dislikes the most.  I was happy she stayed home while I was out on this trip. The racing started at 2 p.m. It was 85 degrees, the sun shown directly into the faces of the spectators as it went down and a strong wind blew directly into the grandstand. 



Saturday evening I had stayed overnight in Wichita Falls, Texas. Sunday morning’s drive down to Abilene was just over 150 miles. I was surprised to be reminded how flat much of Texas is. The traffic on rural Texas highways on a Sunday morning was almost non-existent. Grass in Texas is now winter brown.


 texas speed limit

I did see some unusual sights along the road. I was really surprised to see a camel farm. From a distance, they looked like dinosaurs! Texas is one of the few states that have day and night speed limits. They are also one of the few to allow you to drive 70 M.P.H. on two-lane state highways. It must be the season as I saw several signs that read, “Welcome hunters.”



By the way, part of my people strategy is to never argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.







This Texas track is my 21st countable track to see in the state. This is my second visit to Texas this year and my fourth new track to see in the state this year. I am ranked #2 in Texas. John Moore leads the state totals with 29 tracks. 




This Texas track is my 22nd countable track to see in the state. This is my second visit to Texas this year and my fifth new track to see in the state this year. I am ranked #2 in Texas. John Moore leads the state totals with 29 tracks. 







abiline speedway ad


I entered the city of Abilene, population 115,000, about an hour before race time. I had been in Abilene within the past year and like today, visited Abilene Christian University. As a child, I used to listen to sportscaster, Lindsay Nelson, and it always seemed as if he was broadcasting an Abilene Christian football game on national TV. I stopped at the campus bookstore to pick up an ACU (not ACLU) t-shirt but they were closed on Sunday just as they were the last time I visited. One of my life’s goals now is to someday get an Abilene Christian University t-shirt!



Today, I paid $9 to get into the race. That seemed very reasonable for a race that was billed as the “$70,000 Southern Challenge.” I am not sure where they will come up with that much money.



They had a nice crowd that was forced to stare into a bright setting sun on a very warm day. It continues to be beyond this writer’s understanding as to why racetrack builders would build their grandstand to face a setting sun. 



We spectators also encountered a stiff easterly wind. The wind blew 20 M.P.H. the entire day. Day racing on a sunny and windy afternoon is a recipe for spectator disaster.   The track was somewhat dusty but it could have been a lot worse.



The race schedule today was the final day of a three-day program. Nevertheless, they still had several “B” features, last chance races and heat races before they ran their “A” features. I don’t understand why they needed to run so many qualifying races on the last day of a three-day program.



The track announcer gave me a nice trackchaser mention. After that, I really didn’t hear much from him since the speaker system wasn’t very good. I did listen to the track’s radio channel (154.570). I found this both entertaining and informative.



The track’s concessions were tasty and affordable. I was given a fork to eat my BBQ sandwich and it was great. Two Coors 12 oz. beers only sat me back $3.50. I pay almost 7 bucks for a beer at Angels Stadium.



I did notice one item I had never seen before. The track has a supply of “Rain Check Request Forms.” If a customer cannot attend the races the weekend after a rainout, they can submit this form for a pass good for any night during the season. I guess that is a good idea.



The racing was O.K., but they simply had too many races. I would estimate that I saw 250 laps of racing in the three hours I spent at Abilene Speedway. This doesn’t show much concern for the racers by the track’s management. Many of the drivers came a long way to race at Abilene and getting out late on a Sunday night will not be convenient for them.



Abilene Speedway will be the first half of today’s day/night trackchasing double.   The day/night double is by far my most popular type of double this season. I have 21 day/nights out of 55 total trackchasing doubles this season.




The evening half of my day/night double was 151 miles up the road. I was able to cover that distance in about 2.5 hours and arrived at the Red River Speedway at 7:15 p.m. for the 6 p.m. scheduled start.



They had six classes of racecars racing today. Each class would run a 50-lap feature. I arrived with less than 10 laps completed of the super stock class, the third class of the evening.



This track has a huge steel grandstand. There are 25-30 rows and it spans nearly the entire front stretch. The view walking in from the parking lot, made the grandstand look almost empty. That early warning sign was not far off as I estimated only about 250 people were in attendance.



This was not a very entertaining program. Each class had between 8-14 cars. That’s not much iron for 50-lap features. The lighting was poor on a full moon evening. The announcer had very little to add, although the track’s radio communications (151.625) were most entertaining. It was most unusual to see a prison located just off the third turn.



You hear the “real scoop” listening to the track radio channel. This communication is for track workers only, but you can pick up what is being said with a race scanner. At one point, a racecar lost a wheel and came to rest in the infield but near the track. During the yellow flag period, they called for the wrecker but none came. Over the radio, I heard the following, “The wrecker is out of gas, and Marty already went home”. While the crowd waited for the wrecker to come, I knew it would not be coming. Finally, they used a jeep to push the disabled racecar a little further from the track.



The flagman wore a striped shirt and shorts. I’m assuming his striped shirt had nothing to do with the nearby prison. The flagman was not exactly on the top of his game. He didn’t do anything with the flags unless directed over the track’s radio. In a first, he did start one race with the yellow flag and not the green flag. He sheepishly told everyone listening over the radio “he was colorblind.”


abilene racing 

The three complete 50-lap features that I watched came with these car counts, Pony Stocks (14), Modifieds (11) and Bombers (9). Those are pretty small car counts for races of that distance. The Pony Stocks had their race shortened by a few laps when they exceeded their 45-minute time limit.



Shortly after arriving, I was located by none other than Wisconsin’s Ed Esser. It looks like Ed and I are the only trackchasers still doing this hobby on a full-time basis with the possible exception of Belgium’s Roland Vanden Eynde. Look for the three of us to move up in the worldwide trackchaser standings as time goes by.



You may know that all worldwide trackchasers are on the honor system when counting their tracks. If you say you saw it, we believe you. This is the 12th new track I have seen with Ed Esser this year. Could it be that worldwide trackchaser management is sending Ed out to check on me? Maybe worldwide trackchaser management is sending me to check on Ed! Heck, maybe we are both double agents being sent out by worldwide trackchaser management to check on each other!! Nevertheless, Ed continues to do well in the “Trackchaser Cheese Challenge” as outlined below.



Ed went to two of the tracks I visited this weekend except on different days. This part of Texas is 1,000 miles from Ed’s home in Madison, Wisconsin, so he was a long ways from home in his Chevy Blazer. A malfunctioning driver’s side electric window made his weekend trip all the more memorable.



Overall, not very good racing at the Red River Speedway. I’m glad to get this oval track in my rearview mirror although there are rumblings; the track may be attempting a figure 8 race in the future. Based upon tonight’s car counts and the overall organization of the track, I would be wary of the figure 8 show.




The Budget Rental Car Racing Mercury Marquis got 24.6 M.P.G. At an average gas price of $2.49 per gallon, my per mile charge for fuel was just 10.1 cents per gallon. I didn’t like that the Marquis had only one electrical outlet and even that one was located inconveniently near the radio. The car seemed a little stiff. The chassis is nearly identical to a Lincoln Town Car but the ride is not nearly as good.




These worldwide trackchasers are within 100 tracks (plus or minus) of my current trackchaser total.


  1. Rick Schneider – Bay Shore, New York – 1,038 (+67)
  2. Allan Brown, Comstock Park, Michigan – 1,020 (+49)
  3. Any Sivi, Clairton, Pennsylvania – 1,006 (+35)
  4. Guy Smith, Effort, Pennsylvania – 1,001 (+30)
  5. Gordon Killian, Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania – 984 (+13)
  6. Randy Lewis, San Clemente, California – 971
  7. Jack Erdmann, DePere, Wisconsin – 872 (-99) – Warning! If you fall behind by more than 100 tracks, your name will be removed from this list. Sorry, I can’t do anything about it, it’s policy.




Other notables


  1. Andy Ritter, Somewhere In, Pennsylvania – 228 (+5)
  2. Carol Lewis, San Clemente, California – 223 
  3. Alan Skinrod, Livermore, California – 223 (+0) 







  1. Randy Lewis, San Clemente, California – 162*
  2. Ed Esser, Madison, Wisconsin – 121
  3. Roland Vanden Eynde, Vilvoorde, Belgium – 83
  4. Paul Weisel, Orefield, Pennsylvania – 68
  5. Guy Smith, Effort, Pennsylvania – 59
  6. P.J. Hollebrand, Webster, New York – 57
  7. Carol Lewis, San Clemente, California – 55
  8. Roger Ferrell, Majenica, Indiana – 51 
  9. Pam Smith, Effort, Pennsylvania – 40
  10. Allan Brown, Comstock Park, Michigan – 28
  11. Andy Sivi, Clairton, Pennsylvania – 28


* Trackchasing “New Tracks in One Season” record




Thanks for reading about my trackchasing,

Randy Lewis

Trackchasing’s #1 trackchaser of the 21st century


I trackchase for the event not the outcome. Remember, it only costs about 85% more to go first class.





Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas Airport – trip begins

Greenville, Texas – 81 miles

Fort Worth, Texas – 173 miles

Lawton, Oklahoma – 371 miles

Abilene, Texas – 575 miles

Wichita Falls, Texas – 733 miles

Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas Airport – 868 miles – trip ends



Los Angeles, CA – Dallas, TX – 1,256 miles

Dallas, TX – Los Angeles, CA – 1,256 miles


Total airline miles – 2,506 miles






Superbowl Speedway – $5

Texas Motor Speedway – $5

Lawton Speedway – $7

Abilene Speedway – $9

Red River Speedway $8


Total racetrack admissions – about $34 (very reasonable!)






October 21 – Thunder Valley Speedway, Lawndale, North Carolina




Our daughter Kristy and her husband James ventured to Ed Esser's home in Madison, Wisconsin to present the 'Cheese Challenge' award.

Our daughter Kristy and her husband James ventured to Ed Esser’s home in Madison, Wisconsin to present the ‘Cheese Challenge’ award.



This is a comparison of how many new tracks Ed Esser has seen in 2005 and how many tracks I saw through the same date in 2004 on my way to seeing, at then a record, 127 tracks. In order for Ed to win the “Cheese Challenge”, he must see 128 new tracks.



Through October 19 – Ed – 121 tracks         Randy – 102 tracks*



Prize: If Ed sees more than 128 new tracks in 2005, he wins a round-trip domestic airline ticket to anywhere Frontier Airlines flies. If he cannot see at least 128 new tracks then I win 10 pounds of the Wisconsin cheese of my choice.



Editor’s note:  Ed would go on to win the ‘Cheese Challenge’ award (pictured above).  Congratulations Ed.






Racetracks visited in 2005 (** not the first time to visit this track)


  1. Sungold Stadium aka Premier Speedway, Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, January 1


  1. Freedom Hall (oval), Louisville, Kentucky, January 15


  1. Freedom Hall (figure 8), Louisville, Kentucky, January 15


  1. Southern Illinois Center, DuQuoin, Illinois, January 16


  1. Golden Aisles Speedway, Waynesville, Georgia, February 25


  1. Zephyrhills Antique Racecar Track, Zephyrhills, Florida, February 26


  1. Dirt Devil’s Speedway, Land O’ Lakes, Florida, February 26


  1. Ringwood Raceway, Ringwood, England, March 25


  1. Birmingham Wheels, Birmingham, England, March 26


  1. Boiling Hills Farm, Sleaford, England, March 27


  1. Snetterton Circuit, Snetterton, England, March 27


**     Great Yarmouth Stadium (oval), Yarmouth, England, March 27


  1. Great Yarmouth Stadium (figure 8), Yarmouth, England, March 27


  1. The Grove Farm, Monkland, England, March 28


  1. Grimley Raceway, Grimley, England, March 28


  1. Castle Combe Circuit, Castle Combe, England, March 28


  1. Boyd Raceway, Boyd, Texas, April 1


  1. Port City Raceway, Tulsa, Oklahoma, April 2


  1. Outlaw Motor Speedway, Oktaha, Oklahoma, April 2


  1. Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, Jennings, Oklahoma, April 3


  1. JPR Speedway, Tulsa, Oklahoma, April 3


  1. Charlotte County Speedway (figure 8), Punta Gorda, Florida, April 9


  1. CORA Speedway, Dixon, California, April 16


  1. Reno-Fernley Raceway (road course), Fernley, Nevada, April 17


  1. Lakeside Speedway, Kansas City, Kansas, April 22


  1. Salina Speedway, Salina, Kansas, April 23


  1. Jetmore Motorplex, Jetmore, Kansas, April 24


  1. Oberlin Speedway, Oberlin, Kansas, April 24


  1. USA Race Track, Tucson, Arizona, April 30


**    Tucson Raceway Park (outer oval), Tucson, Arizona, April 30


  1. Tucson Raceway Park (inner oval), Tucson, Arizona, April 30


  1. Driesum Race Track, Driesum, Netherlands, May 5


  1. Autosportsdadion de Polderputten, Ter Apel, Netherlands, May 5


  1. Bellekouter Autocross (oval), Affligem, Belgium, May 8


  1. Bellekouter Autocross (road course), Affligem, Belgium, May 8


  1. Circuit de Croix-En-Ternois, Saint-Pol sur-Ternoise, France May 8


  1. Nurburgring, Nurburg, Germany, May 13


  1. Lopik (oval), Lopik, Netherlands, May 14


  1. Lopik (road course), Lopik, Netherlands, May 14


  1. Ten Boer Autocross, Ten Boer, Netherlands, May 14


  1. Rennplatz “Casper Gerd”, Rutenbrock, Germany, May 15


  1. Zuidwolde Autocross, Zuidwolde, Netherlands, May 15


  1. Midland Speedway Circuit, Lelystad, Netherlands, May 15


  1. Aalten Autocross, Aalten, Netherlands, May 16


  1. Circuit de Peel International Speedway, Venray, Netherlands, May 16


  1. U.S. 30 Speedway (permanent inner oval), Columbus, Nebraska, May 26


**    U.S. 30 Speedway (outer oval), Columbus, Nebraska, May 26


  1. Hitchcock County Speedway, Culbertson Nebraska, May 27


  1. Pikes Peak International Raceway (road course), Fountain, Colorado, May 28


  1. Colorado National Speedway (asphalt oval), Dacono, Colorado, May 28


  1. Colorado National Speedway (figure 8), Dacono, Colorado, May 28


**    Rocky Mountain National Speedway (oval), Commerce City, Colorado, May 28


  1. Rocky Mountain National Speedway (figure 8), Commerce City, Colorado, May 28


  1. Broken Bow Wilderness Park (figure 8), Fullerton, Nebraska, May 29


  1. Casino Speedway, Watertown, South Dakota, May 29


  1. Sioux Speedway, Sioux Center, Iowa, May 30


  1. Madison Speedway, Madison, Minnesota, May 30


**    Hawkeye Downs (outer oval), Cedar Rapids, Iowa, June 3


  1. Hawkeye Downs (inner oval), Cedar Rapids, Iowa, June 3


  1. Autobahn Country Club – North Course, Joliet, Illinois, June 4


  1. Shadyhill Speedway, Medaryville, Indiana, June 4


  1. Pottawattamie County Fairgrounds, Avoca, Iowa, June 5


  1. Dawson County Speedway, Lexington, Nebraska, June 5


  1. Marshfield Super Speedway, Marshfield, Wisconsin, June 14


  1. Red Cedar Speedway, Menomonie, Wisconsin, June 15


  1. Victory Lane Speedway, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, June 16


  1. River Cities Speedway, Grand Forks, North Dakota, June 17


  1. Raceway @ Powercom Park, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, June 18


  1. Jefferson Speedway (outer oval), Jefferson, Wisconsin, June 18


  1. Jefferson Speedway (inner oval), Jefferson, Wisconsin, June 18


  1. Golden Sands Speedway, Plover, Wisconsin – June 19


  1. Langlade County Speedway, Antigo, Wisconsin – June 21


  1. Thunderhill Raceway, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin – June 22


  1. Luxemburg Speedway, Luxemburg, Wisconsin – June 23


  1. Monster Hall Raceway, Unity, Wisconsin – June 24


  1. Crandon International Off-Road Course, Crandon, Wisconsin – June 25


  1. Pepsi Raceway Park, Tomahawk, Wisconsin – June 25


  1. TNT Speedway, Three Lakes, Wisconsin – June 25


  1. Shelby County Speedway (permanent oval), Shelbyville, Indiana – June 26


  1. Shelby County Speedway (temporary oval), Shelbyville, Indiana – June 26


  1. Jennings County Fairgrounds, North Vernon, Indiana – June 27


  1. Paducah International Speedway, Paducah, Kentucky – June 28


  1. Crystal Motor Speedway, Crystal, Michigan – June 29


  1. Dells Motor Speedway, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin – June 30


  1. Van Wert County Fairgrounds, Van Wert, Ohio – July 1


  1. Baer Field (3/8 mile oval), Ft. Wayne, Indiana – July 1


  1. Gingerman Raceway, South Haven, Michigan – July 2


  1. Thunder Valley Motorsports, Jones, Michigan – July 2


  1. New Paris Speedway, New Paris, Indiana – July 2


  1. Durand Downtown Circuit, Durand, Illinois – July 3


  1. Ripple Ridge Raceway, Rawlins, Wyoming – July 8


  1. Sheridan Speedway, Sheridan, Wyoming – July 10


  1. Livingston County Fairgrounds (figure 8) Fowlerville, Michigan – July 12


  1. Eaton County Fairgrounds, Charlotte, Michigan – July 13


  1. Laird International Speedway, Echo Bay, Ontario, Canada – July 14


  1. I-96 Speedway (inner oval), Lake Odessa, Michigan – July 15


  1. I-96 Speedway (outer oval), Lake Odessa, Michigan – July 15


  1. Thunderbird Racepark, Muskegon, Michigan – July 16


  1. Bob’s Family Racetrack, Clarksville, Michigan – July 17


  1. Orleans Raceway, Orleans, Michigan – July 17


  1. Mid Michigan Raceway Park, Muir, Michigan – July 17


  1. Franklin County Park (oval), Brookville, Indiana – July 19


  1. Franklin County Park (figure 8), Brookville, Indiana – July 19


**     81 Speedway, Wichita, Kansas – July 21


  1. McCook Speedway, McCook, Nebraska – July 22


  1. Pikes Peak International Raceway (oval), Fountain, Colorado – July 23


  1. I-25 Speedway (oval), Pueblo, Colorado – July 23


  1. I-25 Speedway (figure 8), Pueblo, Colorado – July 23


  1. Thomas County Speedway, Colby, Kansas – July 24


  1. Waterloo County Fairgrounds (figure 8), Waterloo, Illinois – July 27


  1. Western Michigan Fairgrounds (figure 8), Ludington, Michigan – July 28


  1. Blackbird Bend Speedway, Onawa, Iowa – July 29


  1. English Creek Raceway, Knoxville, Iowa – July 30


  1. Beatrice Speedway, Beatrice, Nebraska – July 30


  1. Cedar County Raceway, Hartington, Nebraska – July 31


  1. Bull Valley Speedway (figure 8), Audubon, Iowa – August 1


  1. Saginaw County Fairgrounds (figure 8), Chesaning, Michigan – August 2


  1. Ingham County Fairgrounds (figure 8), Mason, Michigan – August 3


  1. Goodells County Park (figure 8), Goodells, Michigan – August 4


  1. Wonderland Speedway, Lambeth, Ontario, Canada – August 5


  1. Cheboygan County Fairgrounds (road course), Cheboygan, Michigan – August 6


  1. Northern Michigan Speedway, Elmira, Michigan – August 6


  1. Standish Asphalt Raceway, Standish, Michigan – August 7


**     Spartan Speedway, Mason (oval), Michigan – August 7


  1. Spartan Speedway, Mason (figure 8), Michigan – August 7


  1. Branch County Fairgrounds (figure 8), Coldwater, Michigan – August 8


  1. Eastern Michigan Fairgrounds (figure 8), Imlay City, Michigan – August 9


  1. Bay County Fair Derby Arena (figure 8), Bay City, Michigan – August 10


  1. Shiawassee County Fairgrounds – (oval), Corunna, Michigan – August 11


  1. Mt. Pleasant Speedway, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan – August 12


  1. Waterford Hill Road Race Course, Clarkston, Michigan – August 13


  1. Jackson Speedway (concrete oval), Jackson, Michigan – August 13


  1. Owosso Speedway, Owosso, Michigan – August 13


  1. Grattan Raceway Park, Grattan, Michigan – August 14


  1. Ionia Fairgrounds Speedway, Ionia, Michigan – August 14


**     Galesburg Speedway (oval), Galesburg, Michigan – August 14


  1. Galesburg Speedway (figure 8), Galesburg, Michigan – August 14


  1. Lenawee County Fairgrounds (figure 8), Adrian, Michigan – August 15


  1. Genessee County Fairgrounds (figure 8), Mount Morris, Michigan – August 16


  1. Berlin Raceway, Marne (7/16M oval), Michigan – August 17


  1. Will County Fairgrounds (figure 8), Peotone, Illinois – August 24


  1. Volunteer Speedway, Bulls Gap, Tennessee – August 25


  1. Tri-County Motor Speedway, Hudson, North Carolina – August 26


  1. Lake Village Speedway, Lake Village, Indiana – August 27


  1. Kamp Motor Speedway, Chase, Indiana – August 27


  1. Jules Raceway, Wilmington, Illinois – August 28


  1. Milwaukee Mile (road course), West Allis, Wisconsin – August 31


  1. Proctor Speedway, Proctor, Minnesota – September 1


  1. Lincoln Park Speedway (oval), Putnamville, Indiana – September 2


  1. Lincoln Park Speedway (figure 8), Putnamville, Indiana – September 2


  1. Kentucky Speedway (inner oval), Sparta, Kentucky – September 3


  1. Shelby County Fairgrounds (figure 8), Shelbyville, Indiana – September 3


  1. Edinburg Veterans Memorial Park (figure 8), Edinburg, Illinois – September 4


  1. Eagle Park Fairgrounds, Eagle, Michigan – September 9


  1. Dixie Motor Speedway (outer oval), Birch Run, Michigan – September 9


  1. Richmond Good Old Days Festival (figure 8), Richmond, Michigan – September 10


  1. Sandusky Speedway, Sandusky, Ohio – September 10


  1. Mercer County Speedway, Celina, Ohio – September 11


  1. Sunset Speedway Park, Banks, Oregon – September 23


  1. Pacific Raceways, Kent, Washington – September 24


  1. Western Speedway (figure 8), Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – September 24


  1. Western Speedway (oval), Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – September 24


  1. Evergreen Speedway (road course), Monroe, Washington – September 25


  1. Chula Vista International Off-Road Raceway, Chula Vista, California – October 2


  1. Naval Air Station North Island, Coronado California – October 9


  1. Superbowl Speedway, Greenville, Texas – October 14


  1. Texas Motor Speedway – Road Course, Fort Worth, Texas – October 15


  1. Lawton Speedway, Lawton, Oklahoma, Lawton, Oklahoma – October 15


  1. Abilene Speedway, Abilene, Texas – October 16


  1. River River Speedway, Wichita Falls, Texas – October 16








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