West Virginia



West Virginia

The Mountain state



From the travels and adventures of the “World’s #1 Trackchaser”






All-Time Favorite West Virginia Track:


Pennsboro Speedway




Best Memories:

I have always said that West Virginia is my least developed trackchasing state of any. I also think that West Virginia is the most rural state I have visited.



Well, I’ve only seen racing at nine tracks here. It’s easy to pick my favorite. It’s the Pennsboro Speedway. I went their all the way back in 1982 and never went back. However, that weekend nearly 40 years ago was most memorable. At the time I was a “racechaser” NOT a “trackchaser”. My mother and stepfather and racing buddy Jim Sabo made the trip. We stayed overnight in my parent’s Winnebago. Unbeknownst to us they constructed a huge stage almost on top of our camper. The place was jammed for the weekend and there was no moving once you were parked. That country band rocked until the wee hours of the morning and every beat of the base reverberated through my body until they stopped.



Pennsboro was hosting the World Dirt Track Championship. Charlie Swartz showed up with the first ever late model “wedge” car. He won the race easily. Late model racing was changed forever on that weekend.



Then, as I recall, I was using Mr. Sabo’s radar detector. He told me it was foolproof. I didn’t own a radar detector so I believed him and went speeding down the highway. Shortly thereafter a state policeman heading the opposite direction caught me speeding. All Jim could say was, “He must have turned his radar on at the last minute”. We made a trip to the courthouse that night to pay the fine. I keep wanting to go back to West Virginia more often but it doesn’t seem to be on the way to anywhere.



The Tyler County Speedway evokes a memory as well. It’s a dusty track. Have I ever been to a dustier track. If I have I can’t recall it!




1 Pennsboro Speedway Pennsboro West Virginia United States October 16, 1982 DO
2 Beckley Speedway Beckley West Virginia United States October 11, 2003 DO
3 Summit Point Raceway – Summit Point Circuit Summit Point West Virginia United States April 30, 2006 PRC
4 Jefferson County Fairgrounds Kearneysville West Virginia United States August 23, 2011 DF8
5 I-77 Raceway Park Ripley West Virginia United States May 27, 2012 DO
6 Tyler County Speedway Middlebourne West Virginia United States August 30, 2012 DO
7 Summit Point Raceway – Shenandoah Circuit Summit Point West Virginia United States June 21, 2014 PRC
8 Marvin’s Mountaintop Masonville West Virginia United States May 23, 2015 DRC
9 Berkeley County Youth Fairgrounds Martinsburg West Virginia United States August 6, 2015 DF8




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Below is a key to surface types and track configurations so you can understand the above list just a little bit easier.



Surface types:  D-Dirt; P-Paved; M-Mixed


Configuration types:  O-oval; RC-Road course; F8-Figure 8 track











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